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Celebration of Research 2011

A Celebration of Research recognizes the Goodenow Lab

Maureen Goodenow, Ph.D., the Stephany W. Holloway University chair for AIDS Research, was presented with the Basic Science Research Award by Stephen Sugrue, Ph.D.

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Our Research

At the center of our research is the Human Immunodeficiency Virus.

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Nature Immunology

Brainless immunity no more

The mediobasal hypothalamus detects increased amounts of tumor necrosis factor during the early phases of inflammation and relays this information to cells of the adaptive immune system by mobilizing...

Cytoplasmic methylation fuels leukocyte invasion

The methyltransferase Ezh2, an epigenetic regulator associated with tumor-cell metastasis, also methlyates the cytoplasmic integrin adaptor talin. This modification inhibits the binding of talin to...